Zymol Vinyl Protectant - 303

Zymol Vinyl Protectant


 Vinyl has to be cleaned and protected regularly to avoid fading, cracking, peeling and UV damage. Just as ultraviolet rays are detrimental to our skin and cause premature aging, vinyl surfaces inside your vehicle suffer the same fate. Some vinyl manufacturing methods use formaldehyde or solvents as the base. However, this leaves an oily residue, fogs up the windshield with an oily film, and even causes nausea and headaches if inhaled. Zymol Vinyl Conditioner is a solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, oil-based feeding product that releases solvent and restores moisture in all vinyl and plastic components. Zymol Vinyl Conditioner is safe to use and provides a surface that looks, feels and smells like new without leaving a greasy shine. Zymol Vinyl uses natural lemon seed and sesame oils leaving a delightful lingering scent.

Product Size:
8.5 fl. oz. (250ml)

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