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Wurth Zebra Clamp Assortment

Wurth Zebra Clamp Rack Assortment - 120 Clamps

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Wurth Zebra Clamps are superior to conventional domestic clamps. Wurth Zebra clamps features a "outrigger" support that prevents clamp tilting when tightening. Its asymmetrical body offers an even distribution of force and its no edge pressure prevents hose damage or gouging.

Our Zebra Clamp Kit includes:
120 clamps:
20 8-16mm
10 12-20mm
20 16-25mm
10 20-32mm
10 25-40mm
10 32-50mm
10 40-60mm
10 50-70mm
10 60-80mm
10 70-90mm
Storage Rack and 7mm Nut Driver with Flexible Shaft

Please allow 2-3 Business Days for shipment.  These kits are assembled by Wurth on a Special Order Basis.

Do you have this Wurth Hardware Kit and need a product refill?

We can special order any Wurth item.  Just contact us for details!

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