Wurth ZEBRA 1/4 inch Multi-Use Socket Set

Wurth ZEBRA 1/4 inch Multi-Use Socket Set - 096511032
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  • This newely developed multi-purpose profile fitting the 5 most common bolt heads. Therefore one set is sufficient for all requirments.
  • Hexogon metric, square metric, bi-hexogon metric, hexogon inch and external Torx.
  • High-quality multi-use socket bits guarantee a long service life.
  • Chrome plated and polished.
  • Supplied in a metal box with high quality foam insert compartment.

Socket Sizes: 4m,5m,5.5m,6m-14m Bits:

Slotted 0.8: Phillips H1,H2,H3: Torx 10,15,20,25,30,40: Hex 3,4,5,6

Extensions: 3 and 6 inch; Universial Joint

1/4" 45 Tooth Ratchet:

Screw Driver: Bit Adaptor

Made in Germany


Wurth Tools
1 Kit - 32 Piece Set


Outstanding set, I have many tools, but this set is the one I use the most! So versatile, one socket set for many different type bolts.
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