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 Wurth Grey Super RTV Silicone is a High-grade adhesive and sealing compound for use with motor vehicles.


-Very good resistance to chemicals - suitable for use in critical areas in which the seal may temporarily be in contact with several fluids. This product shows an excellent resistance against motor and gear oils, refrigerants and anti-freeze.
- Acid-free hardening system - non-corrosive and non-conductive, therefore no negative effects on electronic components or Lambda sensors.
- High temperature stability - utilization in the temperature range on machinery and engines possible.
- Sealant in a compressed air spray can - easy dosage without auxiliary devices. Optimum handling, which means that an even product application using the beads is possible.

Optimal adhesion is achieved on clean and dry surfaces. Old sealing materials must be removed completely from the sealing surface. 

Technical Data

Chemical Basis: modified oxime silicone
State: thixotrope past
Skin forming time (ASTM-D-4678): 7 minutes
Dry surface: (ASTM-D-4678): approx. 10 minutes
Curing Speed: approx. 2mm/24hrs (73.4?F/50% r.h.)
Hardness Shore A (ASTM-D-676): 40
Tensile strength (ASTM-D-412): approx. 2.2 N/mm2
Elongation at rupture (ASTM-D-412): 270 - 300%
Thermal conductivity (ASTM-D-2214/70): 0.002 Jcm-1s-1K-1
Coefficient of thermal expansion (ASTM EB-31): 20 x 10-5 K-1
Dielectric strength (ASTM-D-149): 15 kV/mm
Dielectric constant @ 1MHz (ASTM-D-150): 2.8
Loss factor @ 1MHz (ASTM-D-150): 0.002
Volume resistance (ASTM-D-257): 1 x 1015 V/cm


Temp. Range

-76?F to +500?F(Briefly up to +599?F)

Application Area

Water pumps, oil pumps, front covers, cam shaft bearing covers, thermostat bodies, oil pans, gear box covers, power axle covers, sun roofs, doors

OE Specs:

Toyota 00295-00102, 00295-00280
Mitsubishi MD997740, MD997110
Nissan 999MP-A7007
Honda 08718, 55000040E, HC2963817, 0095Z-POA
Hyundai 4C116-21000, 21451-33A01




Product Size:
6.76 fl oz (200mL)
1 Can


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