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Wurth Silicone-free Rubber Care - 0890110

Wurth Silicone-free Rubber Care

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Wurth Non-Silicone Rubber Care is Back!!!!

Wurth Silicone Free Rubber Care, part number 885700012 (formerly part number 890110) can be used to restore and revitalize rubber gaskets, rubber parts, bumper casings and body side moldings. Wurth Rubber Care will enhance rubber gasket resilience to help prevent water leaks. Wurth Rubber Care is a non-silicone product, which provides a long lasting natural shine. Wurth Rubber Care rejuvinates rubber, maintains the seal, maintains elasticity, and protects against adhesion due to age and heat of doors and rubber seals. Use Wurth Rubber Care on all hard black plastic surfaces, door handles, hoses and black surfaces under the hood and rubber trim around windows and doors.   Wurth Silicone Free Rubber Care is especially good for preventing granulating, sticking and icing-up of rubber door seals.

Product Size:
12 oz. (350g)

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