Wurth HHS-K High Pressure Lubricant

Wurth HHS-K 893106050
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Wurth HHS-K   Has Been Replaced with HHS-PLUS 

Wurth HHS-K the EPA complient name for HHS 2000. Same formula re-labeled for EPA complience. HHS-K (HaftscHmierStoff = adhesive lubricant) is a high pressure, resistant adhesive lubricant. It lubricates parts exposed to strong pressure and impacts on vibration. Wurth HHS-K is silicone free, highly polymeric and penetrates quickly and adheres completely. Wurth HHS-K is fluid, non-sticking with an excellent creeping capacity which penetrates into inaccessible places. The solvent in Wurth HHS-K evaporates as it is sprayed resulting in an immediate strong adherence of the lubricant onto metal. It is ideally suited in places where mineral oil and other lubricants do not achieve long term effectiveness or where parts must be dismantled when applying lubrication paste. It also has long lasting effectiveness in places which cannot be lubricated in short term intervals. Sprays on as a liquid and then dries to a clear semisolid which will not dry out. Wurth HHS-K is water resistant, will not attract dust and will not damage rubber. IDEAL HINGE MEDICINE!


Hinges, Suspension bushings, Special steel screws, Door lock/window regulator mechanisms, Hood shocks, Throttle cables, Cruise control cables, Mechanical linkages, Marine use.


Product Size:
16.9 fl. oz. (500ml)


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