Wurth DBS 3600 Brush / Grinder / Eraser Wheel Kit

Wurth DBS 3600 Kit
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The Wurth DBS 3600 kit is a necessary air operated tool for the restorer, or body shop needing a stripping tool that will pay for itself in a short time due to its usefulness.

Kit Features:

Special material with heat treatment on entire wire-for longer life.
Rubber saftety flap for improved protection during use.
Stronger structure design on the rubber eraser offers better stability and longevity (eraser for water based paint is also now available).
Single and double wheel are both available for applications.
Tighter contacting between the wire brush and adaptor - no bending wire while in use.
Thumb-activated for better control.
Professional rubber-coated handle grip for comfort and less vibration.
Special treatment on the bevel gear for more stability and longer lifetime.

Kit Includes:

07033600 DBS 3600 Brush Grinder (1)
070336021 Adaptor - 11mm (1)
07033602 Adaptor - 23mm (1)
070336022 Holder for black strip wheel double (1)
070336023 Holder for black strip wheel single (1)
070335031 11mm Fine Brush (1)
17033503 23mm Fine Brush (1)
070335051 11mm Coarse Brush (1)
17033501 23mm Coarse Brush (1)
158591 Rubber Eraser (1)
058596 Rubber Eraser - Water Based Paint (1)
05851100 Black Strip Wheel (2)


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