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Wurth Battery Post Cleaner and Leak Detector - 08909108

Wurth Battery Post Cleaner and Leak Detector

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Wurth Battery Post Cleaner is a 4 in 1 product that cleans, neutralizes, detects and protects against corrosion. As a cleaner, Wurth Battery Post Cleaners foaming action penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and deposits. As a detector, the foamy light red formula turns brilliant blue in the presence of acid. As a neutralizer, additives in the formula increase the pH to a safer level. As a protector, the red film provides a barrier against corrosion and the elements. Excellent for use on batteries, terminals, cables, brackets, and housings for everything including cars, automotive fleets, golf carts, airplanes, boats, tractors, forklifts, construction equipment, floor scrubbers, and more.

Product Size:
15 fl. oz. (444ml)

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