Wurth DBS Decal Eraser Wheel - Water Based

Wurth DBS Eraser Wheel
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The Wurth DBS Eraser Wheel for water based paint is ideal for the removal of adhesive film, foam trim tape, decals and glue residue from metal and water based paintwork. With its 23 mm width, it has twice the contact surface compared to a conventional film remover. This results in significantly quicker removal of material.

The Wurth DBS Eraser Wheel will not burn water based paint so is perfect for jobs were no re-finishing is needed. It is perfect for the removal of large decals such as those found on delivery vans.  Ability to remove an inch wide strip at a time. The leading edge chips the sticker away and then rubs the glue. The perfect tool for cleanup of moldings.


Product Size:
1 Eraser Wheel


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