Raggtopp Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner

Raggtopp Fabric and Vinyl Top Cleaner
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RaggTopp Cleaner renews faded fabric and vinyl convertible tops like no other product. Canvas and vinyl become weakened from acidic pollution, which causes serious damage to the materials. Without regular cleaning, canvas becomes stiff and develops dark creases. vinyl peels, cracks and turns yellow. Biodegradable, RaggTopp Cleaner is a natural degreaser. It's high foaming action easily releases ground-in soil and greasy build-up. It clings to vertical surfaces instead of running down your vehicle's paint. It rinses off instantly, and can even be used without water. RaggTopp Cleaner may be applied in direct sunlight, which makes it one of the easiest formulas to use.

Usage Tips

  • Wet top thoroughly
  • Spray and apply evenly over entire roof
  • Scrub lightly with soft nylon brush
  • For very soiled areas, spray and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Scrub lightly with soft nylon brush

Convertible top must be thoroughly dry before applying RaggTopp Protectant.


Product Size:
16 fl. oz. (473ml)


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