Auto Emblem Removal

by Jeremy Goodspeed

The removal of emblems and trim molding can dramatically clean up the look of a car or truck. Follow a couple of precautions beforeAuto Badge and Emblem Removal Explained removing any emblems or moldings:

First, make sure that the emblem or molding is applied with a double-sided tape.

Second, make sure that there are no locator holes behind the area that will be seen after the emblem or molding is removed.

After checking these two precautions, follow these easy steps for removal: Using a nylon bone tool or Lil-chizler, slide the tongue between the emblem and the double-sided tape. Lift carefully to separate the emblem from the vehicle. Be careful not to damage the paint. Once started, the emblem can be pulled off by hand. The age of the vehicle will determine how much of the tape will come off with the emblem. The older the vehicle, the better the tape will stick to the paint.

Once the emblem has been removed, the double-sided tape will also need to be removed. The safest way to remove this tape without damage to the paint, is rubbing it with your thumb, rolling it off the paint. It can be slow, however this is definitely the safest way to remove it. Otherwise, use an eraser wheel attached to a drill to remove the adhesive. Be sure to follow the manufacture directions when using the eraser wheel.

After the tape is removed, use a solvent based adhesive remover to completely clean the adhesive. A spray bottle works effectively for allowing the cleaner to soak on the adhesive. Follow with a clean terry-cloth towel

Wash the vehicle thoroughly to eliminate any chemical residue.

Polish and wax the vehicle as necessary to a uniform gloss.

The adhesive on a new car will be easier to remove; however with some patience, even the double-sided tape from a 3 or 4-year-old vehicle can be removed. On many older vehicles, a color difference could be visible. Polishing and waxing will either eliminate or greatly reduce these color differences.