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P3000 Trizact DA Sheet

3M Trizact Hookit 6 Inch Foam Discs P3000


Let’s face it! Unless you are a shop, purchasing a complete box of P3000 Trizact is more product than you will ever need. So we found a solution. We are now offering the popular Trizact P3000 sanding disks in a single disk Job Pack. Generally we only use 2-3 sheets to completely sand an entire vehicle, so take advantage of this money alternative without making a 15 sheet commitment!

3M developed Trizact foam discs to remove imperfections and leave a uniform finish that easily polishes to a fine gloss. Trizact 3000 discs level evenly using special pyramid abrasives and are foam-backed for the removal of 1500 grit sand scratches. This step allows you to get a smoother and more uniform finish that will reduce the amount of work needed to polish. 3M Trizact Hookit 6 Inch P3000 Foam Discs have foam backing that is able to bend against the curves and contours of your vehicle. This flexibility enables the discs to level scratches evenly, resulting in a uniform finish.

Do 3M Trizact 3000 discs really work?  Absolutely!  We have been using these discs from there introduction.  It cuts the hard cutting time in half.  Furthermore, it also decreases the risk of a burn through because you can use less polishing pressure and acheive better more uniform results. 

1 Disk Job Pack

1 Sheet / Disk

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