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Zymol Metall Britework Polish - SKMTL100

Zymol Metall Britework Polish


Zymol Metall Polish was engineered specifically for automotive brightwork (metal). These common brightwork metals include stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and others, all of which are susceptible to damage by salt corrosion, engine oils acids and other environmental exposure. Zymol Metall Polish has a special blend of oils that remove the tarnish and discoloration, the ugly results of exposure.

Not only does the Zymol Metall Polish remove the unsightly signs of environmental exposure, it adds a protective layer on your brightwork to shield against future harm. Comes with 4 disposable microwipes that are fully saturated with Zymol Metall Polish, gloves and buffing cloth.

4 fully saturated microwipes

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