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Zymol Glass Cleaner

Zymol Glas - Pre-Mixed Glass Cleaner

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Streaked, cloudy glass can ruin your vehicle's appearance. Eradicate smudgy windows forever with Zymol Glas Pre-mixed glass cleaner.

Zymol Glas is a phosphorous-free, ammonia-free Glass Wash designed to eliminate the cohesive bond between glass and dirt without streaking or harming your windows. Perfectly safe for tinted windows as well. Even expert detailers marvel at how Zymol Glas makes short work of external bugs, tar, road oil and catalytic converter excretions.

Zymol Glas takes care of the interior of your vehicle. On the inside, exposure to the chemicals from your interior and air conditioner, not to mention cigarette smoke, worsens the problem. One swipe of Zymol Glas and your windows will positively gleam. Notice a visible difference immediately.

  • Zymol Glas is phosphorous- and ammonia-free—no streaks and safe for window tinting
  • Eliminates the cohesive bond between glass and dirt
  • Zymol Glas contains synthesized (spun) tallow soaps, cetyl esters, cetyl cocoamide (derived from coconut oil), parsley extract, chlorophyll, citric acid (from rose hips), and FD&C Blue No. 1
Product Size:
12 fl. oz. (355ml)

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