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Zymol 100 Creame Wax

Zymol Creame Wax for Light Colored Automobiles

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Zymol Creame Wax is designed for light colored vehicles. First of all it is simply the most pleasant product to use because of what’s in it. Creame contains Brazilian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba Wax (derived from Palmetto), Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Banana Oil, Propolis (derived from Bees), Cetyl Esters, and Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil)

Zymol Creame contains no harsh petrochemical solvents, making it safe to apply on all paint finishes from lacquer to urethane. Zymol Creame also does not contain any abrasives, so it can be applied as often as desired without removing precious mill thickness from your paint. More importantly, Zymol Creame gives you both greater protection and increased depth of shine because Creame contains 33% Brazilian No. 1 Yellow carnauba by volume. When compared to other typical brands which contain only 4-16% carnauba by volume, the difference completely is obvious. Zymol achieves its protection because it is an enzyme mixture until it is actually applied to the car. Only at that point, when oxygen combines with the propolis and acts as the catalyst, does Zymol become 'wax' and start bonding to the car's surface. Zymol wax is very easy to apply and remove. Zymol wax will not leave any white residue along seams, in cracks or on black plastic trim.

Here’s how to properly apply Zymol Hand Crafted Waxes 

  • Wash and dry your vehicle using Zymöl Clear Auto Bathe
  • Apply Zymöl HD-Cleanse the surface to assure 100% wax bonding
  • Using Zymöl Wax Applicator, apply a small amount of wax onto a 2’x2’ surface in an even coat with side-to-side motions
  • Using a micro fiber towel, slowly wipe the wax in the opposite direction once with light pressure to assure a uniform coverage. Wait 20-30 seconds
  • Turn your towel and, with no pressure, dust the surface briskly to set and crystallize the Carnauba to a deep shine. Let the wax cure for 30-45 minutes

Note: Zymöl wax is designed to provide maximum results with minimum product application. Apply small amounts of Zymöl wax for each application.

Caution: Do not allow Zymol Creame wax to entirely dry before wiping.

Product Size:
8 oz. (226g)

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