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Wurth PTFE Dry Lubricant - 0893550

Wurth PTFE Dry Lubricant

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Wurth PTFE Dry Lubricant is a transparent, non-contaminating lubricant for use on metal, plastic and rubber. Wurth PTFE Dry Lubricant is for dry lubrication of sliding parts where oils, greases and similar materials would cause soiling. It provides a transparent, non-soiling, anti-friction coating. Use Wurth PTFE Dry Lubricant as a dry application lubricant where dirt and other substances will not stick to the worked area. It is resistant against water, gasoline, oil, weak acids and alkalies. Film thickness of 0.01 mm allows use even with the small tolerance on precision engineering. Drying time is 5 to 10 minutes and hardening time is 30 minutes. It can be used as a separation agent.

Sliding roofs, Sunroof cables, Door hinges, Electrical antennas, Locks, Ball bearings, Electrical switches, Bicycle shoes which clip into the bike pedal.


Product Size:
10 oz. (296ml)

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