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Wurth NI 2400 Anti Seize

Wurth NI 2400 Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant

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Wurth NI 2400 Never-Seez Pure Nickel Lubricant contains fine particles of nickel, graphite and other additives to enhance anti-seize performance.  NI 2400 is recommended for use where applications require absolute parts protection against corrosion, galling, cold welding and seizure under heavy loads at extreme temperatures in highly corrosive environments.   Wurth NI 2400 has excellent heat dispersing qualities and assures absolute parts protection at temperatures up to 2,400 degrees F.  Ni 2400 also has high resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, water washout, road salt, steam, salt water and ionized water.  NI 2400 is a perfect product for assembly of dissimilar metals.

Product Size:
16 oz. (454.4g)

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