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Wurth 8930120

Wurth Auto Shampoo

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Wurth Auto Shampoo is a concentrated, high lubricity car wash for all your vehicle’s delicate parts. Many car washes can strip wax or dry out rubber. Not Wurth. Wurth Auto Shampoo removes dirt, oil, and grime without stripping wax. Wurth Auto Shampoo works well, is safe on every vehicle surface, and it lubricates to prevent wash-induced swirls. Many swirls are caused by grit being rubbed into the paint. Wurth Auto Shampoo combats this with slippery, frothy suds. It completely cleans your vehicle and leaves no residue so that the paint is ready for the next step of your detailing process.

Wurth Shampoo is safe to skin, as well as automotive paint, chrome, rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. It is friendly to our environment. This 33.8 fl. oz. bottle yields approximately 100 washes! Only a capful, diluted in a bucket of water will loosen, lift and wash away all manners of dirt and grime and deep cleans the paint. Use a microfiber sponge or a wash mitt to gently shampoo the entire car. For best results, work from the top down and rinse often. When finished, rinse thoroughly to wash away all residue. Dry with a chamois to avoid water spots.

Product Size:
33.8 fl. oz. (1000ml)

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