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Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant

Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant

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RAGGTOPP Vinyl Protectant is our most durable water-based protectant, making it ideal for constant UV protection. Tested and endorsed by HAARTZ, the world's leading manufacturer of convertible top materials it protects without streaking.RAGGTOPP vinyl protecant contains no silicone or petroleum solvents. It will not harm automotive paint, aluminum, exterior trim, plastic or rubber. RAGGTOPP vinyl protectant is the only product to use Ciba Tinuvin ultraviolet (UV) blocking absorbers. It repels dust, grease, airborne pollutants, and mildew. RAGGTOPP vinyl protectant keeps convertible soft plastic windows from turning yellow and becoming brittle Excellent for marine vinyl, vinyl awnings, pick-up covers and hot tub covers.

Product Size:
16 fl. oz. (473ml)

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