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Baf Seat Belt cleaner

Pro Products - Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover

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Pro Products Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover is a non-flammable and non-hazardous concentrated cleaner that safely removes dirt, oil, grease and stains from seat belts, upholstery and more. It has a strong formula that releases the built up dirt and grease that makes seat belts look unsightly. Most seat belts are made of a nylon type of material, very tightly woven. It doesn't want to give up the dirt without a fight. The same goes for stains. Just a quick application of Seat Belt Cleaner and you'll see amazing results.


•Seat belt Cleaning: 1:1

•Spot and Stain Removal: 1:3

•Carpet Cleaning: 1:10

•General Purpose Cleaning 1:15

PRO Products
Product Size:
32 fl. oz. (946ml)

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