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Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Protectant

Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Polish

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Plexus is a superior product for cleaning, polishing and protecting all types of plastic, including clear and colored acrylics. Plexus originally developed for use in aviation. Plexus today is recognized as the most effective plastic cleaner, protectant and polisher on the market. Unlike conventional waxes, Plexus cleans as it polishes. Plexus actually seals the pores of the plastic. It makes small scratches less visible, leaving a surface that's fresh, lustrous and protected. It dries perfectly, no smears, no scratches, no smudges, and no oily, tacky or sticky residue. It's anti-static, and you can apply it in mere seconds, in one simple step.

Plexus is perfect for use on motorcycle windscreens, automotive headlight and taillight lenses and that hard to clean dash instrument bezel.



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