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Grit Guard

Meguiars Grit Guard

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Washing your vehicle is a necessary evil to safely remove dirt and contaminates from your paint and trim.  Until now, every time you put your wash mitt into a bucket of soap, you risk picking up the dirt that you have just removed.  This can create swirl marks as you grind this dirt into your finish.  The Meguiars X-3003 Grit Guard significantly reduces potential swirls & scratches by using a radial agitation grid to remove dirt and debris from your wash mitt.  The four-quadrant base stops the swirl of water and allows the dirt to fall into the base, thus preventing mitt contamination & prolonging life of your car-wash solution.  Just place at the bottom of most standard 3½- to 5-gallon buckets.  Stacking two Grit Guards lifts the wash mitt further from the bottom when not in use and is recommended for added protection.


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