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Lexol 1115 Leather Conditioner

Lexol Leather Conditioner and Preservative

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LEXOL Conditioner is a creamy liquid conditioner and preservative intended for use in the care and conservation of leather. Its purpose is to maintain the strength, beauty, utility and flexibility of leather - old and new - and to restore resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become hardened and stiff.

In the manufacture of leather, as a final and essential step, the tanned hide is subjected to a process called ”fat-liquoring” in which it is treated with a generous supply of special oils - emulsions prepared from the appropriate lubricants - which lubricate the leather to confer the desired qualities of softness, flexibility and strength. Thus, when the leather leaves the tannery, it is at the correct pH and is fully lubricated due to the unique capability of these emulsions to be readily absorbed into, and combined with, the leather’s fibers. However, these oils must still be replenished periodically to maintain proper lubrication and to avert any tendency to deteriorate. The type of preparation that is most effective in achieving both these goals is an emulsion similar to those employed in the original manufacture of the leather. LEXOL Conditioner is an emulsion of this type.

The oils in LEXOL Conditioner have been modified to facilitate effective distribution of microscopically fine oil droplets which can be more readily absorbed into the leather fibers than the comparatively large droplets typical of raw oils or less fine emulsions. LEXOL’s smaller oil droplets combine with the fibers, because of their affinity or adherence that is lacking with other oils. Thus the modified oils in LEXOL are kept under control and are retained in the area of application. In this way, LEXOL is able to nourish the leather and its fibers while protecting against migration, or seepage, into adjacent materials or surfaces.

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