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Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil

Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil

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WORLD FAMOUS - dubbed "SIMPLY THE BEST SINCE 1968" by Rolls Royce Owners Club Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil is not a surface conditioner. It is a complex blend of proteins and collagens necessary to retain and restore flexibility, life, and strength to leather. This professional leather restoration product used worldwide. Rejuvinator Oil will soften even cardboard hard leather. It is used by museums, collectors, decorators, restorers, hobbyists and Do-it-yourselfers for guaranteed results. The list includes such organizations as the Rolls-Royce Owners Club, Jaguar Web, Ferarri Club of America, Porsche Owners Club, Mercedes-Benz Owners Club, TC Maserati Club, BMW Owners Club, AACA, Lotus Owners and Drivers, NSXCA Club, Rennlist, SCCoA, National Corvette Museum, Audi Quattro Club, Volvo Owners and Drivers, CCCA, and many many more.

Usage Tips:

Apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally (about 4 oz. per seat) with your hands, massaging the oil well into all the surfaces and natural folds of the leather, this puts natural ingredients, not harsh cleaner, back into the leather and forces out dirt. You may also use a soft sea sponge, or a soft paint type brush. Also apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally nearer the stitched areas as the conditioner will be able to migrate laterally well into the hide. Park the car in the sun with the windows rolled up to create a "steam room" for as long as practical, several hours or a day. In cooler weather, or for long-term storage in a garage, cover the seats with plastic wrap, and "warm" with a hair dryer. Allow the oil to be absorbed into the fibrous side of the leather before putting the top down in a convertible. Direct sun is the worst enemy of any automobile interior or home upholstery. Do not place home or office leather upholstery in direct sun. For "cardboard hard" leather, several applications will be necessary. Patience will be rewarded with good results.


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