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Glacier Polish and sealant

Glacier Polish and Sealant by Wheel Wax

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Glacier Polish by Wheel Wax is a unique polish designed to keep cars and trucks looking their best.  Glacier Polish not only removes swirl marks, scratches, micro surface imperfections and oxidation; it puts moisture back into your paint while leaving an unprecedented durable protection and deep gloss.

Characteristics of Glacier Polish:
Outlast many other waxes on the market
Easy to apply and remove
Chalk and dust free
Makes swirl marks, oxidation, surface scratches and imperfections disappear
Adds color and depth to your paint
Leaves a wet, mirror like finish
Beads up water, wash after wash
Protects against UV/UVA rays, corrosion and oxidation
Safe for all types of paint
Can be applied by hand or with a buffer
VOC Compliant and body shop safe

Directions : Shake Well. For best results apply to a clean, dry surface. For hand application, apply a small amount of Glacier on an applicator pad and spread thin even coats using a circular motion on the entire vehicle. Remove with a clean microfiber or clean 100% cotten terry cloth towel, using a portion for final buffing. For machine Use, apply a small amount to an area approximately 2ft. by 2ft. Set machine on slow speed (1000rpm) and use a foam finishing pad. Buff slowly in back and forth pattern beginning with firm even ressure gradually using less and less pressure as high gloos appears. Remove with a clean microfiber towel using a clean portion for final wipe.

Product Size:
16 fl. oz.