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AUTO MAGIC - Special Cleaner

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Our Most Versatile Cleaner!

Auto Magic Special Cleaner is a superior all-purpose cleaner that is safe to use on most interior and exterior surfaces. Eliminates tough stains and stuborn dirt on carpets, fabrics, vinyl upholstery, engines, tires, fenderwells, door jambs and more. It can even remove volcanic ash and Hawaiian red dirt.

Auto Magic Special Cleaner is our most used cleaner in our facility.  We especially like this product to clean motorcycles.

Usage Tips:

  • Dilute 2:1 for degreasing
  • Dilute 4:1 for cleaning fenderwells, or as a bug remover.
  • Dilute 10:1 for interior and other general cleaning.
  • (May be diluted up to 30:1)
Auto Magic

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